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From the application process to effective utilization and protection of your rights, HARAKENZO provides expert support for all design-related matters.

Founded in 1976, "HARAKENZO more " is an international patent firm with four bases of operation — Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagoya — staffed by some 270 employees. The experienced patent attorneys and staff of our Legal Strategy Department provide comprehensive support for all matters relating to registered designs, whether it be consultation, prior registered design searches, assistance with the application process, or countermeasures against infringement.
Our Legal Strategy Department offers consultation and professional assistance for all IP-related matters, especially for designs, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition consultation and countermeasures for dealing with imitation products.


Strengths possible only with a large-scale firm

"HARAKENZO more " is a large-scale firm with three bases of operation (Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagoya) and some 270 employees, including patent attorneys and staff from around the world. Fully equipped with high-performance, high-security IT systems and videoconferencing equipment, our firm is prepared to serve clients regardless of location. Our large staff allows us to assign individually tailored teams to address the unique needs presented by each case and client.
In every case we handle, detailed analysis and checks are performed by multiple staff members, each with an intimate knowledge of legal procedures and their particular field of specialty. Through this close cooperation, "HARAKENZO more " is able to offer meticulous, precise, and swift legal services on a level possible only with a large-scale, international, and comprehensive IP firm.


World-class quality

In addition to having our own in-house attorneys and staff well-versed in design registration, "HARAKENZO more " also closely cooperates with numerous associate firms around the globe. Our wide-ranging network ensures that we constantly have the most up-to-date information, regardless of country. This allows us to accurately and effectively assist clients with international IP-related matters — such as obtaining IP rights, dealing with infringement, countermeasures against imitation products, dispute settlement, licensing negotiations, and contracts — both in Japan and around the world.
Furthermore, with staff members from such countries as China, South Korea, the United States, and Germany, our firm offers efficient multi-lingual communication for swift handling of complex international cases.


A diverse team of technical experts for multi-layered protection of your IP

"HARAKENZO more "'s attorneys and patent strategy department staffs wield expertise in wide-ranging fields. Working in close conjunction, our staff can provide you with an optimal combination of patents, utility model patents, and registered designs in order to ensure robust protection of your intellectual property. Having a diverse team of patent and design specialists enables multifaceted support with any issue, from the initial application process to effective utilization of your design rights. As just one example, our attorneys specializing in design can offer precise strategies for drafting patent drawings which would enable a smooth transition from a patent application to a design registration application if necessary.


Support geared toward SMEs and sole proprietorships

To date, "HARAKENZO more " has served not only large multi-national corporations, but also a wide variety of small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietorships. Our firm remains committed to the continued provision of services optimized for such smaller-scale businesses. ”HARAKENZO morepride ourselves on the reliability we can offer as a large-scale, international, and comprehensive IP firm. Sparing no effort for smaller-scale companies such as SMEs and sole proprietorships, we guarantee thorough support for to each and every client.


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  • For Individuals/Small and Medium-size Enterprises
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