Drafting Design Drawings

Design drawings drafted by our Graphic Design Department

In registering a design, drawings are a major factor for determining the scope of design rights.

As stipulated in the Article 24(1) of the Japan Design Act, the scope of design rights is determined "based upon the design stated in the application and depicted in the drawing or represented in the photograph, model or specimen attached to the application." It is therefore crucial to have drawings that optimally represent the design.


The Japan Patent Office website provides a handbook for drafting design drawings ("Handbook for Application Form and Drawings Etc. of Design Registration Applications" https://www.jpo.go.jp/shiryou/kijun/kijun2/h23_zumen_guideline.htm [Japanese only]). However, following the guidelines in this handbook does not necessarily guarantee that the applicable scope of your design rights will be as you intended.



Our patent attorneys, highly experienced with design registration applications, can provide you with detailed and on-the-point advice on selecting the necessary drawings. Our Graphic Design Department will then utilize drawings/samples you provide to prepare drawings or photographs optimized for the design registration application process.


Detailed checks for drawings

Design registration applications are examined with regards to whether each drawing represents the design consistently. Our patent attorneys and Graphic Design Department prevent application rejections by carrying out detailed checks of whether or not each drawing is consistent with the design.



There are also high standards for photographs used in a design registration application; simple snapshots of an article will not suffice. The article must be photographed from the front, back, left/right sides, top and bottom, and all photographs must show the article consistently, without any skewing thereof.

"HARAKENZO more "'s experienced staff can take photographs precisely, correct minute alignment and brightness issues, and otherwise edit photographs so as to satisfy application requirements.


Drafting drawings

Furthermore, if you do not have drawings of your finished product, our graphic designers can draft drawings from sample drawings or sample products you may have. (Please note that in some cases, a sample may not be sufficient to enable drafting of the required drawings.)


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